A series of videos, audio clips and newspaper features that relate to King of Clubs.


Michael Parkinson Film
VIDEO: A 1982 documentary on Batley Variety Club presented by Michael Parkinson, featuring James Corrigan plus several of the stars who appeared at the club, who share stories and pay tribute to James and the club.

I Was There

VIDEO: Ian Clayton film looking back on Louis Armstrong’s 2-week residency at the club, including a brief clip of James’s final interview, plus a catch up with Enrico Tomaso who, as a little boy, welcomed Louis Armstrong to Leeds airport playing ‘Saint Louis Blues’ on his trumpet.

VIDEO: A film from 1968 set in Batley, featuring a segment on James and the Variety Club. If you look closely at 17:30, as James climbs into his Rolls Royce outside the club, at the top of the screen you can see Maureen pulling off in her Ford Anglia.

Magic Moments
VIDEO: James and Maureen on ITV’s Magic Moments TV show reminiscing about Batley Variety Club. Filmed in 1999.

Book Launch Feature on Calendar
VIDEO: ITV’s Calendar feature on the launch of King of Clubs at Batley Town Hall, 24th March 2017.

Carl Gresham and Friends Radio Show
AUDIO: Maureen in conversation with Carl Gresham on BCB Radio, includes music related to the book.

Salford City Radio Show

AUDIO: Maureen interviewed by Ian ‘Pop’ Larkin on Salford City Radio, includes music from the period.

Talk Radio Europe Interview
AUDIO: Maureen Prest interviewed by Dave Hodgson on Talk Radio Europe.

Maureen on Look North
VIDEO: A preview of King of Clubs with Maureen on BBC’s Look North.

Maureen on Calendar
VIDEO: A preview of King of Clubs with Maureen on ITV’s Calendar.

Radio Leeds Feature
AUDIO: Maureen on the Liz Green show on BBC Radio Leeds, with a listeners phone-in telling their own stories of Batley Variety Club.

Bool Launch Video
A commemorative video of the King of Clubs book launch

King of Clubs Playlist
AUDIO: Listen to a playlist for King of Clubs, featuring all the songs used as chapter titles. (YouTube and Spotify links.)

Roy Orbison Live at Batley
AUDIO: Listen to a live album recorded at Batley Variety Club in 1969. (Spotify and iTunes link.)

The Final Frontier
VIDEO: A short BBC film to mark the closing of The Frontier in 2016, a club which opened in the Variety Club building in 1982. Features an interview with Maureen.


Newspaper Features

Yorkshire Post | Feature 27/03/2017

Huddersfield Examiner | Book preview 26/01/2017

Batley News | Book preview 25/01/2017